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In 2015, Constable Focus Isaiah from the Senyawe Village was tragically shot dead while in pursuit of armed robbers. Constable Focus sadly was the sole guardian to two children – a girl aged 11 and a boy aged eight, who were consequently left orphaned after the incident.

The Senyawe Village immediately came together and started collecting goods and donations for the two orphans and their grandmother in attempt to build them a house in the community. Two representatives of the village at this time made contact with Modumela Lodge, who happily donated goods to be sold, to raise funds.

With donations from the Botswana Police Force, the community, businesses and Modumela Lodge, the dreams of building a house became a reality and a handing over ceremony took place April 2016.

The Honourable Vice President of Botswana, Mogweetsi Masisi presented the house to the two children and their grandmother on behalf of the community. Many dignitaries attended the event, including Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bruno Paledi, District Commissioner, Keabetswe Lesiela, Senyawe Chief Kgosi Sebele and Chief Grace Butale, amongst many others.

After the ceremony a representative of Modumela Lodge, June Hoy said: "I was very humbled by today's proceedings and more than touched by the manner in which the people of Botswana are cared for by their Government."

She said that Modumela Lodge will continue to assist the community where they can in a continued community upliftment drive and commitment to social responsibility.

Do not look where harvest is plentiful but where the people are kind- Botswana Proverb



Modumela Lodge helped the Butale Village host the prestigious "Roving Torch" and celebrate Botswana's independence as part of an ongoing community upliftment programme.

The "Roving Torch", was initiated by President Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama to celebrate Botswana's 50 year anniversary and to countdown the announcement of the countries vision for the next 20 years.

One of the fortunate communities selected to be overnight host of the "Torch" was The Butale Village, who approached Modumela Lodge to assist with the preparation and accommodation for the surrounding celebration. The Lodge was honoured to help the community and happily assisted by supplying materials, labour, and machinery to help with the road maintenance, as well as paint, to help spruce up the buildings that needed it. Modumela provided accommodation for dignitaries, supplied firewood and donated P27000.00 to the Village.

The "Roving Torch" is carried from village to village throughout Botswana and symbolises the uniting of the people. One representative is selected from each village to carry the torch to the next; it is seen as an honour to host the torch overnight and a celebration is held at this village with many dignitaries being in attendance.

The Butale Village event was held at the Tsweleopele ward with the Village Councillor and Chief Grace Butale giving speeches, the local choir sang, traditional dances took place and a celebratory dinner was held.

Chief Butale thanked Modumela Lodge for its assistance and generosity during the event.

Chief Butale said: "Twenty six beds is no small number given the amount of business you could have made during the period you had reserved them for our exclusive use. We also appreciate the P2700.00 you gave to the community. We would like you to know it went a long way towards achieving our goal."

Modumela Lodge will continue to assist the surrounding community on an ongoing basis and feels honoured to have been part of this prestigious event.

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