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World Record holders stop over at Modumela.

April 2015

They have travelled the world in their faithful Toyota Land cruiser for the past 32 years and hold the record for the longest ever vehicle journey. Documented along the side of their trusty blue Toyota are all the countries they have travelled to, each one representing their submergence into a different culture, the collection of another memory. It is not often that you come across real travelers, true nomads who reflect near tangibly the spirit of adventure. We have been honoured with the presence of two of the most humble, appreciative and interesting people, Emil and Liliana Schmid. We had the opportunity to spend an evening with this fascinating couple, listening to tales of their adventures and enjoy them sharing their experiences with us.

Both Emil and Liliana hail from Switzerland where they spent the first 41 years of their lives. The inspiration for their lifelong road trip started as an idea of covering the whole of Africa by car. After some convincing, Liliana agreed to take this trip with the idea that they would return to Switzerland upon its completion. Emil planted the seed of a journey around the world; it grew an unmistakable passion in both of them to extend this road trip… indefinitely. A craving for adventure, for a trip that would mean something, a trip that would take them way past their comfort zones enveloped them and became their lives. Now, 32 years later, they are still living their dream. Living for travel, collecting memories, not things - Emil and Liliana are true Citizens of the World (with no intention of settling anytime soon).

We count ourselves extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to spend time with this inspiring couple. Living the dream, living adventure, what greater gift could there be what better way to celebrate life. Follow the Schmids' journey here .

Travelling Couple