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Are you a nature lover?
An avid explorer or a real easy-goer?
A value-for-money seeker?
Are you a 4x4 adventurer who can't be contained by the borders of South Africa?

Get away, explore the unfamiliar; take a road trip into wildest, most beautiful Africa.


Rated the TOP country in the world by Lonely Planet, an authentic African bushveld adventure awaits you in #1 Botswana.

Modumela Lodge is situated approximately 68KM from Francistown along the main road to Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), in the North East District of Botswana. There are two dams on the property and numerous water holes have been created to encourage the wildlife to congregate in these areas.

Approximately 30 animal species have been recorded on the Resort, including Honey Badger, Impala, Kudu, Black-backed Jackal, Civet, Steenbok, Duiker, African Wild Cat, Caracal, Zebra, Reedbuck, Springhare, Scrub Hare, Wildebeest, Warthog, Eland and Brown Hyena. Bird-watching is a very important part of life at Modumela. Over 176 bird species have been recorded on the Resort, so be sure to grab a bird and tree list when checking in!

Other activities include volleyball, fishing, nature walks and game drives. For those who wish to venture off, the North East District of Botswana has a rich history. Some Middle and Late Stone Age tools have been found in the area and the rock paintings tell us stories about how people lived during these times.

The paintings also tell us a lot about the animals that were abundant in the area and the early inhabitant's hunting and gathering methods. In about 200 AD, farmers brought in livestock, crops, iron tools and pottery. They built more permanent homes out of poles and clay. There are about 25 Early Iron Age sites in the North East District. Historical places of interest are visited on some of our day trips into the surrounding areas.

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